Antique Clock Faces - Various

Antique Clock Faces - Various


Various Antique Clock Faces from left to right:

Antique Church Clock Face dated 1820 - Painted White / Rusted Iron (no arms) - approx overall dims: 69” dia.

Antique Clock Face - Painted Metal Clock Face - Terra Cotta two-tone color - approx overall dims: 51” dia.

Antique 19th C. Clock Face - Small white and grey metal - approx overall dims 29.5” dia.

Antique Marble Clock Face C. 1820 with lead letters - approx overall dims 47.5” dia.

Antique Clock Face dated 1924 - rusted metal with black accents (no arms)- approx overall dims: 28.5” dia.

Antique Clock Face - Rusted with painted white and black arms and numerals - approx overall dims: 49”dia.

Antique Clock Face - Rusted Metal with Harvest Gold Lettering - approx overall dims 58”dia.

Antique Black and Yellow Clock Face (arms not pictured) - approx overall dims 70” dia. (pictured on opposite wall)

Prices range from $3000 - $7500 and available upon request.

All clocks are sold in an “as is” condition - additional photos can be provided.

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